Wedding – Whitney and Matthew

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The Wedding of Matthew and Whitney

Romance is truly still alive today, and you’ll believe it after reading this couple’s love story, and details of their special day <3


Matthew and I met at Biola University during my last semester. He was studying philosophy at Talbot and I was finishing up my undergraduate degree in Biology. We actually met in the Biola gym, of all places. I was working an early shift in the fitness center and he came in every day. I actually introduced myself to him, (partly because it was my job to be friendly, but also because I thought he was cute) and so it began. Through a series of conversations we discovered we went to the same church and he invited me to play frisbee after church with a group of people from our church. I went, played a terrible game of frisbee and the next day he asked me if I would like to go get coffee. We dated for a little over a year when he asked me to marry him on February 14, 2015.


Matthew is an incredibly considerate man, and throughout our dating relationship he would occasionally write me letters. They were always filled with beautiful prose and poetry about life, and they quickly became one of my favorite gifts. Each one looked the same from the outside, a white envelope with my name printed on the front and a red wax seal on the back. On February 14th Matthew took me on a surprise date and we drove up to my favorite spot on the Southern California coast, to the bluffs overlooking Laguna Beach. It was a perfect day, the sky was clear with hues of blush and rose and as the sun set over the glistening horizon we walked along the bluff. As we walked I noticed he was leading me to a bench with a basket on it. Matthew had asked his friend Kevin to save us a bench ( at this point my heart started to race- it seemed like a little more than just a super cool date). As we snacked and talked Matthew reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a letter. It looked just like all the rest, white envelope with a red seal. I opened the letter and tears filled my eyes.


“To My Future Wife” a poem Matthew had written for me long before he know my name. I was overwhelmed with joy, before I could say anything, he got to his knee and pulled out another envelope. In his one he slipped out a beautiful little ring and with tears in his eyes, he asked me to be his forever.I quickly said yes and cried as he slipped the ring on my finger. As we drove home I called my parents and his parents and he had made plans to meet up with my parents to celebrate- or so I thought. We drove back down to San Marcos and at the supposed “meeting location” I was surprised by so many of my closest friends who had organized and successfully surprised me with an engagement party. It was an incredible blessing to be showered with so much love and support!


Getting Ready

“We got married on 9.5.15 at Eden Oaks Ranch in Valley Center, CA. It is an incredible venue and I was beyond pleased with the level and service and pure natural beauty of the venue.”


Groom Dress

Love the sleek look of the grey and blue, with the white rose and baby’s breath boutonniere, which was made by the bride and her bridesmaids!



Bridesmaids Shots



What a fun group of bridesmaids!


First Look

First Look


Wedding Decor 2

“One of the projects we did was the wood signs for the wedding. My bridesmaid, Sarah Vaughan, and I stained and painted the lettering and I did my own chalkboard writing.”

Wedding Decor


“We had a polaroid picture guest book”


Down the Aisle

“We memorized our vows and Matthew wrote and played a song for me as I walked down the aisle”

Music Aisle




“My grandpa conducted the ceremony, which was super cool!”






The Kiss




“So I have thought about it and I really don’t have an answer for my favorite moment. The entire day was an absolute dream and I am so thankful for everyone that helped me put it all together and celebrate with us!”

Couple Shot





“We made the center pieces! It was a hobnail vase with white hydrangeas on wood circles with tea lights on each side.”

Garter Toss




Cake Cutting

Advice: “Be present. Recognize each moment is precious and when you are greeting or hugging guests be present in those conversations, you do not need to be thinking about what is next on the agenda, or wondering if the cake is ready to be cut, just enjoy each moment for what it is.”

Vendors: Venue: Eden Oaks Ranch Cake and Cupcakes: Abbie Fortney DJ: Marc Lane Photography: Isaiah Lin Videographer: Elliott De Neve Florist: Poesy Peddler Day of Coordinator: Stephanie Minnick Catering: Her parents smoked all of the BBQ for the Big Day!


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