Roberts Wedding

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The Wedding of Tyler and Kamarae

“My husband and I met through mutual friends the summer after I graduated from high school. I just wanted to keep things casual because I was moving away to college when the summer was over but Tyler, after just a few weeks, told me that I am the woman that he was going to marry. After his persistence, I finally agreed to be his girlfriend; since then we have inseparable. He helped me move to Washington for college, and distance only made us stronger. After a only a short time at CWU I moved back home to be closer to Tyler; two years later he proposed, and a year after that we got married.”



Tyler and Kamarae were married on a beautiful October day last year


Most of the decor you see was all hand made! I love the idea of painting the agenda on a pallet


And, for their guests, they gave them a packet of seeds that said, “Watch as our love grows”


“I spent countless hours at thrift stores mixing and matching floral robes”


The Bridesmaids were allowed to pick out their own dresses as long as it was the right length and went with the color scheme



The groomsmen were in matching grey suits with matching hats, red bow ties, and a  baby’s breath boutonniere


The bride wore an Alfred Angelo wedding dress with a flower crown and a long veil <3

Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Look

Down the Aisle

Bride and Groom Aisle


“If I had to choose just one favorite memory, it would have to be listening to Tyler’s vows. Tyler and I both wrote our own vows and his were so very sweet and special. He was so nervous leading up to the big day to stand up and speak in front of everyone but on the day of, it just felt like he was speaking directly to me and he was as comfortable as ever. It was a very special moment.”


They did something so unique for their unity ceremony! They poured different colored paint onto a canvas, making a piece of artwork for their home

Paint Unity



Their couple shots are gorgeous!

Couple Shot 2





“The whole wedding was unique and special just for us two. We really put a lot of time and effort into making it just right.”

Couple Shot


There was also a bean bag toss and a Photobooth for guest activities

Bean Bag Toss

First Dance

“We had a buffet style dinner, and they served Tri Tip, Hawaiian BBQ chicken, and lots of yummy sides.”




We worked on our DIY wood cake stand together. I loved that after the wedding we kept getting lots of kind comments about how our wedding was so creative and really displayed both of our personalities.


“The anniversary cake was topped with my grandparents cake topper. They have been married for almost 50 years and I was so very thankful and excited to be given the gift of their cake topper.”


“My advice to future brides: To avoid all of the stress, and headaches, find a venue that is inclusive, OR hire a wedding planner. I did everything by myself, while finishing up my undergraduate degree, and working full time. It was a lot of work! I had to hire everyone separately. I thought that I would be saving money but it really ended up costing about the same as it would have been if I would have chose an inclusive package. I had to hire a table/chair rental company, a caterer, people to help clean up, etc… It was very stressful keeping track of everything.

My second tip would be to label everything and keep your DIY stuff organized. I made a lot of signs and decor, and on the day of the people that were helping me set up didn’t know where it all went. I was very frustrated that I had to tell everyone where everything went because I wanted to just relax, drink mimosas, and get my hair & makeup done.”

Venue: Black Walnut Creek Photography: Breathe in Light Photography  Florists: Autumn Grant & Amber McMullen Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse Bride’s Dress: Alfred Angelo Hair: Niccole Beckanbach from Urban Beauty Salon and Spa Makeup: Couriney Catering: Steal Your Taste Catering Company


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