When Cultures come Together

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The Scottish/Nigerian Wedding of Kim and Augustine

The Wedding of Kim and Augustine

Augustine and I met in our church. One Sunday a lady I had been working with for nine years introduced us. We started talking and couldn’t stop, we talked for hours that Sunday; and he asked for my number. We texted off and on for two weeks, and I decided that I liked him enough to ask him out. So, instead of waiting for him, that’s exactly what I did. We’ve been together ever since.

Our proposal wasn’t anything fancy. We were sitting together talking about future ambitions, and dreams, when he just looked at me and said, “The first thing I want is to make you my wife.” I paused and said, “Okay!”

We were married in a church May 23rd of 2015. My family is of Scottish descent, and I represent my clan here in Utah.

The ceremony was very much Scottish. For the wedding I wore my plaid, and my mother hers, my father was in full kilt, we made a small plaid for my niece, and one of my nephews was in a kilt as well. I even walked down the aisle to bagpipes!

I made all of of the flower arrangements using red roses, white calla lilies and lavender. I used my tartan to cover the stems of my bouquet, and it was also used on my bridesmaids flowers, and the boutonnieres.

Though our ceremony was Scottish, we had more of a Nigerian reception.We played music from Nigeria and had traditional Nigerian food.

My husbands niece and cousin cooked the Nigerian food, and my mother and aunt baked cookies!

Another one of my aunts made the beautiful cake and, to keep a little Scott in the reception, we cut our cake with a dirk (a Scottish sword)!

And after an evening of partying they were sent off with bubbles, to continue the celebration the a few months later!



In Nigeria they have 3 “weddings.” They have the white wedding, the church wedding, and the traditional wedding. Augustine’s brother and sister-in-law came out to visit and brought with them the traditional wedding cloths that my mother-in-law made for us! So they dressed us up and we all went out as a family to celebrate the wedding again in September.

My Favorite Memory would have to be our first dance. Looking into his eyes as he held me, feeling so in love with him, and realizing that he was mine. It was a beautiful moment.

Advice for future brides: It’s stressful planning a wedding. No mater how much you think you know what is going to happen one or more things end up differently than you want them or pictured it being. So relax, enjoy the whole day, it will turn out perfect even if it wasn’t precise.

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