Tying the Knot, Literally!

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See how Elizabeth and Daniel literally “Tied the Knot!”

The Wedding of Elizabeth and Daniel

Elizabeth says, “The story of how Daniel and I met is not a ‘love at first sight’ story…it’s more of an ‘annoyance and indifference’ at first sight story.” Daniel and Elizabeth first met when they were only 10 years old at Vacation Bible School in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth is from Oklahoma, but she would visit her grandparents in Pennsylvania every summer. “He thought I was stuck up, and frankly I don’t remember much of him at all!” But, in July of 2009, they met again on a missions trip to Costa Rica where they hit it off. For the next six months they continuously talked, even though they were long distance, until they saw each other again that Christmas in Pennsylvania. Like a gentleman, Daniel took Elizabeth’s dad out to lunch to ask for his blessing to date his daughter. The next evening, after a packed, and fun-filled day, Daniel asked Elizabeth to be his girlfriend.

“He was just a boy from Pennsylvania and I was just a girl from Oklahoma who wanted to see if we could make it work. Five years later, here we are just a short time away from our wedding and more in love than ever before.”

Like the gentleman he is, Daniel asked for Elizabeth’s father, Victor, if he could have his daughter’s hand in marriage; and, of course, he was given his blessing. Elizabeth’s favorite vacation spot is Florida, so Daniel then planned a trip to Florida for him, Elizabeth, and a few of their close friends. Once everyone was on board they all saved the date and made plans to stay in a nice hotel by the beach and visit all the beaches they loved in Florida. One evening, they all decided to dress up and go to dinner; and it ended up being the perfect time. Elizabeth and Daniel walked the beach, as the sun set, and reminisce about their relationship and what was to come… then he dropped to one knee and and asked her for her hand in marriage.

Check out the full, detailed story here.

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Almost their entire wedding way DIY with the love and support of family and friends! They were married in Elizabeth’s home church, and both family and friends came together to decorate. They hung fabric and strings of lights from the ceiling, and did the same to the stage. And for the flowers, they picked up 200 red roses from Sam’s Club and strategically places them around the room and made bouquets from them.

“We had a lot of fun with our music! There was a lot of Hans Zimmer. Dan had his groomsmen walk down the aisle to the ‘Man of Steele’ theme song from the movie and I walked down to the first half of ‘At Wits End” from Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“We had been to several weddings that were 20 minutes and just the traditional vows and we decided not to do that. We wanted to add several things that were important to us.”

Some of the important things to them were how their vows were conducted. Growing up, Elizabeth admired the music her worship pastor would sing, so they incorporated that into their ceremony. Elizabeth and Daniel said their vows up on stage, without microphones, while her worship pastor played the song “Beautiful” by Phil Wickham.

*Also, notice the unique seating arrangements! They had five rows of chairs for immediate family, but everyone else was seated at round tables, making clearing chairs for the dance floor simple. What an ingenious idea!

Neither one of them liked the idea of the traditional unity candle, so they decided to tie a knot!

Get the pun?!

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Elizabeth’s grandmother made the cake

You can tell just from the pictures that this couple knows how to have fun!


In the spirit of community, the couple was sent off by their guests cheering and blowing bubbles.

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And, like the gentleman he is, Daniel helped his beautiful bride into the car; to drive off into the next chapter of their lives together.

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“I’d probably have to say my favorite memory was our vows. We were on stage with everyone watching, but it felt so intimate and I didn’t feel like anyone else was there; it was just us. His reaction to my vows was amazing too. He’s not an emotional man at all, so seeing him tear up a little was nice.”

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Advice: My advice for brides is twofold. One, don’t be the primary planner. Either hire someone or have a family member willing to run point and make your ideas happen. I would not have had such a beautiful wedding without my mom working tirelessly to make everything perfect. It took so much stress away from me and let me focus on the day and getting married, rather than making the even fun for everyone. Seriously, I worried about nothing.

The second part of that is addressing the worry. If you find that you’re freaking out about the wedding details you may need to look at the relationship. It’s easy to confuse stress about the even with stress about who you are marrying. When you are sure you’re making the right decision about the man, the event is secondary. The only goal is marrying him. You couldn’t give a crap about late wedding party members or wilted flowers, or imperfect food placement. If your heart and mind are in the right place, everything will be perfect.

Vendors: Venue: The Believers Church, Photographer: Family Friend Randy, Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal, DJ: DJ Connections in Tulsa





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