DIY Mini Top Hat

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I needed a fabulous party hat, so I decided to make my own!

For New Year’s I was invited to celebrate at a “Bring your Best Hat” themed party. I only have beanies and fedoras, and I knew neither one of those was fitting to bring in the New Year. I needed a fabulous party hat, so I decided to make my own!



To complete this project you will need:

  1. Hard Felt
  2. Fabric Scissors
  3. Chalk
  4. A Hot Glue Gun
  5. Decorative Accessories (I used feathers, fishnet veil trim, tulle, and a tiny pearl)

Step One: Take your chalk and draw two circles, one larger than the other. The larger circle will be for the rim of your hat, and the smaller circle will be for the top of your hat.

Step Two: With your fabric scissors cut out the two circles, and a long rectangle.


Step Three: Hot glue the rectangle to make a cylinder, this will lie on top of the larger circle to make the tall part of the hat. *Hot Tip: In the next step you will be hot gluing the rectangle to the smaller circle. You can trim up the smaller circle after it is glued, but you cannot make the circle bigger… especially after it is half way glued on. So, I would recommend making the radius of the rectangle smaller than the radius of the smaller circle.

Step Four: Hot glue the cylinder to the smaller circle.

Step Five: Cut a hole into the middle of the bigger circle, it doesn’t need to be perfect because this will be the bottom of your hat. *Hot Tip: Before the next step, place the cylinder on top of your head and make sure it is as tall or as short as you would like it to be.

Step Six: Hot glue the cylinder to the larger circle with the hole in the middle.

Step Seven: This is the fun part, add your accessories! For my hat, I glued the feathers first. Then I wound the tulle and glued it to the rim to make a belt; then made a ruffle with the tulle, glued it, and glued a pearl onto the middle to give it a “flowery” look. Lastly, I shaped the fishnet veil trim to my face, then glued it to the outer rim of the hat.

I hope you enjoy getting creative for the moments that matter!



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